About CozyHome

The Country look is Celebrating its Revival, but that doesn’t mean today’s Country rooms have to live in the past.

The country look has undergone a rebirth. Long gone are rooms crammed full of items, and stuffed up to the ceiling.

The New Country look has found its way into the fashionable Châteaus in the French Provence, into the rustic farmhouse in the fields of the U.K., the cozy cottage Landhaus where the old-fashioned charm and nostalgic atmosphere are bringing back the childhood memories.

Its simplicity – born of rural landscapes, rustic handcrafts and love of nature – has forged a not so suprising partnership with equally uncomplicated modern design. This mix sweeps away clutter and returns country style to its original roots, with a twist.

No matter where you live, it is always possible to add a little bit of country. Bring the outdoors in, open up views and choose materials that reflect the country classic lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to mix country with modern spaces and enjoy its laid-back laze.

COZY HOME – Country Living Furniture – brings nature into your living spaces and transforms your house into a warm and welcoming home. Create coziness with rustic and teakwood furniture mixed with organic materials.

Accessories like wicker baskets, or tree elements as wall art, knitted poufs as a floor decor, wool and leather rugs will compliment the country look. With COZY HOME you will find furniture which is big on comfort and high on personal style.

Country Style Living is not just about home interior, but also about a way of life that values home cooked food, nature, and heritage. That is why one of the key features of Country Living are big Dining Tables made out of natural wood, to enjoy a come-together of family and friends.

Cozy Home offers you a huge range of Teakwood, driftwood, Reclaimed and Pinewood Dining Tables, Sideboards, Cabinets and Coffee Tables in Dubai. You don’t need to live in a barn to embrace country charm.

Get the new Country look with furniture pieces and accessories from our furniture store in Green Community, Dubai Investment Park.